When we move into a new year, millions of people take the opportunity to take stock of what’s around them and to evaluate the current status of their lives. With that in mind, many will choose to make resolutions for what they would like to change in their lives and commit to fresh routines in an attempt to make it happen. In many cases, the goal is to lose weight, in others it’s to save money or to regain control of one’s finances. However, regaining control of your finances can be difficult if you have a large number of bills to pay and a limited amount of cash with which to pay them.

Reverse mortgages or refinanced home loans can be a great solution for those seeking to build a little cushion between them and the bills they owe. By utilizing these options, many homeowners will be able to pay off a significant amount of debt, consolidating it into one monthly payment. This can make it much easier to catch up and makes it possible to finally regain control.

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